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Questions about me!

- What is the best way to contact you?
The best way to contact me is through my personal E-mail: SABRINAFERRARI9@YAHOO.COM.BR My response time to inquiries is normally under 24 hours, however please allow up to 48 hours.

- How do I know you will travel to me if I give you a deposit?
First of all, if you are a real gentleman you will never put such a question, which can offend me. And if you have doubts why you waste your time and forward to reading?

I have made some bad experience in the past. There are so many “fake bookers”, who probably find their to put an lady in an unpleasant situations. Therefore I require a deposit, this procedure shows me if you are really interested in meeting me and also allows me to avoid waste of time. I value my repeated clientele and have no desire to do anything that would jeopardize my reputation. For full details on deposits and travel, please contact me!

- Do you have a phone number I can call?
If I am sure we will meet and an appointment is set, my private number will be provided.

- Are you discreet?
I value your privacy as much as I do my own. Discretion and confidentiality are always priority. I do not play games with your time or mine. Whether you are single, married, a high-profile individual, our time together is our secret. Any information submitted is for verification purposes only, my safety, viewed only by me and deleted the day after our meeting. I do not keep records of any kind.

- Are you GFE? What services do you provide?
If you seek “services”, “menus” or “acronyms” then I am not the companion for you. Our time together is not mechanical. It is a pleasant and relaxing encounter from a very attentive companion.

- Why are your rates “high”?
There is a companion for everyone, just as there are rates for every budget. I do not wish to meet every person who contacts me. I prefer to remain exclusive to a few clients per month. My honorarium allows me to keep my circle of clients very small. Companionship is not a means to survival for me, so maintaining a lower rate is not crucial. Any attempts to negotiate the honorarium (rates) will terminate our communication.

- Do you work for an agency?
No, I do not work for an agency. I am completely independent and answer my own emails.

- Do you have a certain type of man you will see?
Any gentlemen I meet must be courteous, respectful and well groomed with excellent hygiene. I post this information on my website in fairness so I do not waste anyone's time.

- Are you available for outcall or incall?
I am available only for Outcalls.

- Will you send me more photos of yourself?
Yes, I can email few photos of myself to you.

- Do you see women or couples?

- Are tips or gifts expected?
Tips and gifts are always appreciated and remembered but never expected or required. With flowers you can always make a woman happy.

- When are you available?
I am available daily. Please email me to see if your requested time is available. At least 24hs advance notice is required so that I may have adequate time to prepare for our time together. If you are interested in having me travel to you, please allow at least two weeks advance notice. The more in advance you schedule, the more likely you are to secure an appointment at the time you desire.

- Do you accept same day appointments?
No. You need to send me email in advance of 24hs or 48hs to schedule some appointment with me.

- What do you expect from me?

If this is an experience which you make first time in your life, maybe I should mention one small thing. If we meet, the honorarium should be discreetly placed in front of me in the begginning of our appointment.

Please be considerate of my time. I am not a clock watcher, however please do not attempt to stay longer than the time you have booked, cause I have other common works besides Escorting.

If you are running late to an appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. I will do the same.


- Discussion of services and/or fees.

- Any indication that my safety is compromised. This includes, but is not limited to rudeness, physical aggression, being under the influence of a substance, the presence of drugs/drug paraphernalia or weapons.

What else is going to happen?

Nothing that makes me feel uncomfortable. Remember that the money exchange is for my companionship and my time.

Thank you for you time and looking forward to hear from you soon!

Sweet regards,

Sabrina Ferrari.

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